PSU was established 2006 and is one of the leading Security Consultancies in China that has the experience, insight and resources to help companies and organisations to deal with security related issues such as business intelligence, security audits, investigations and crisis management connected to corporate, brands and individuals.

    PSU has a vast operational experience in China with proven track records of providing qualified investigations- and operational support.

    We have over the years created a broad client base of global companies and created significant value for our clients by identifying risks and unethical behaviour.


    We work throughout strategic partnership in Asia, Europe and the US. Through business intelligence and operational intelligence identified infringers and limiting brand impact financial losses.

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    In 2005, Lars-Åke Severin, a native Swede, came to China to run a short-term project for a client. Severin, who is a former police officer in the Swedish Security Police Force and founder of the Close Protection Team for Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess of Sweden, was acting CEO for a Swedish security consultancy firm at the time.

    During his stay in China, Severin experienced a multitude of challenges, while also absorbing the richness of Chinese culture and the warmth of China's people. He also immediately sensed a gap in the Chinese market for private security consultant services.


    The idea became a reality in 2006, when PSU became the first foreign company in China to obtain a business license as a security consultancy. Later that year, the company recruited its first employees, and soon PSU had a core group of highly qualified security professionals - both local and foreign.

    The company soon received a large number of projects, enabling rapid growth. In 2009, PSU opened a second office in Shanghai, which proved to be a strategically significant decision.


    PSU works as an expert team, providing consistent security development through preventive, investigative, and protective measures.

    With a combination of foreign and Chinese expertise, as well as extensive operational experience in China, PSU is a qualified and trustworthy supplier, securing and safeguarding its clients' operations and brands. We create value for our clients by identifying risks, reducing problems, and reducing economic losses.

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    PSU is committed to being a trusted and independent security and risk consultancy, with integrity, experience, insight, and the resources to support companies and organisations in dealing with security-related issues in challenging environments.



    PSU consultants have a vast range of experience. They are former police, members of special military units, or have worked in corporate management environments. We have extensive knowledge in the areas of corporate security, intelligence gathering, development methods, and operational crisis management in an international environment.

    Our experts are dedicated, loyal, and have been a trusted resource in preventive, investigative and operational actions since 2006.

    We are based in Beijing and Shanghai

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    Our organisation is built on the foundation of our core values: professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and availability.

    We strive to be the best security consultancy firm in China, providing trustworthy and value-added services for our clients.